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Romero: I won everything with Argentina

Tottenham Hotspur defender Cristian Romero, currently preparing with the Argentine national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, recently sat down for an interview with the media outlet TyC. The interview covered a range of topics, including his feelings about joining the Argentine team and his thoughts on the upcoming qualifiers.

When asked about the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, Romero stressed the importance of staying calm and maintaining a positive mindset. He explained that games are played one at a time, and that’s the way it is. He added that the qualifiers will be very tough, but the team knows what to expect and the more points they can rack up now, the better off they will be later in the competition.

Romero also commented on Messi’s form, saying that they have the best player in the world and he always performs well. He added that Messi has been outstanding since joining the team yesterday and that he is training normally, looking good and happy. With Messi’s positivity and leadership, Romero is certain that he will play against Paraguay in the upcoming match.

Speaking about his own experience joining the Argentine national team, Romero said that he had achieved everything in this team. He attributed his success to joining the team in his prime and expressed gratitude for the opportunity. However, he emphasized that no matter what, the team always strives to lead the side to the best level and continue to perform as they should.

Finally, Romero described how it felt after winning the World Cup. He explained that becoming world champions represents an advantage for all opponents because they want to beat the best team. However, he added that this support from fans is always exciting and he personally is very grateful for their support.

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How Not to Stress Over Transfers – Advice From Football Manager Gareth Southgate

As the transfer window draws nearer and nearer, England manager Gareth Southgate is urging his players to remain focused on the task at hand, rather than worry about their uncertain futures. With a number of his squad potentially moving clubs this summer, Southgate has joked that some of them are even “tapping each other up” for transfers.

Southgate’s message was clear: this summer may involve several upheaval in terms of player personnel, but it is important to stay focused on the team’s performance and preparations for the upcoming tournaments. Captain Harry Kane, Declan Rice, Harry Maguire, Kyle Walker, James Maddison and Conor Gallagher could all be looking at moves within the next few weeks.

Speaking to reporters ahead of England’s friendly match against Austria later tonight (Wednesday), Southgate said: “It’s always been a difficult time when you’ve got so many players potentially in different situations with clubs. It’s a piece of our job that never really changes – talking about individual players’ welfare firstly and making sure they’re happy with whatever decisions they make.”

The England manager also revealed that there had been a shift in mentality amongst his players over recent years which had enabled them to better handle such issues without letting it affect their focus on playing for their country. He added: “I think we’ve grown as a group into understanding how we can use each other positively when there might be some uncertainty around where individuals will play next season.”

In conclusion, while there may be uncertainty regarding potential transfers amongst members of Southgate’s squad this summer, he has urged them to remain focused on playing for their homeland in order to continue building towards major tournament success in the near future. The new kit which will proudly showcase England colours throughout beyond serves as an inspiring reminder not only of current talent but also potential glory ahead.

How Soccer Stars Marcus Rashford and Mason Bellingham Are Redefining Soccer Fashion on the Catwalk

Jude Bellingham and Marcus Rashford took the world of fashion by storm as they made their debut appearance at the Paris Fashion Week. The two young English footballers have recently made big moves to become some of the most expensive footballers in the world, with Bellingham’s transfer from Borussia Dortmund costing Real Madrid up to €134 million, and Marcus Rashford signing a huge new contract extension for Manchester United.

The two were seen seated in the front row of one of Paris’ biggest fashion events, sending out a strong message that footballers are just as stylish off the pitch as they are on it. Bellingham, who turned 18 only days before his unveiling at Real Madrid, was granted special leave from international duty for England to attend his presentation last Thursday. Meanwhile, Rashford had agreed to a new 4-year contract extension with Manchester United worth £250 million only days before he flew out to France.

Their presence at Paris Fashion week reflected their growing status in global football; their youthfulness and professionalism has earned them recognition as some of the best players in Europe today. Combined with their fashion sense off the field, it is clear why they have been embraced by such high-profile designers from around the world.

As a testament to their style, both players wore bespoke designs from designer labels; Bellingham donned an all-black suit designed by Germany’s own Stephan Schneider while Rashford wore a red velvet jacket from London designer Shaun Samson paired with matching shoes from luxury Italian shoe maker Gucci. The outfits certainly caught attention on social media, which was likely what both players had intended given how active they both are on Instagram and Twitter when it comes to sharing fashion tips and advice about dressing well off the pitch.

The future looks bright for these two talented stars. With both expected to star for England in future tournaments beyond, there is no doubt that we can expect more fashionable appearances from them over the years ahead. Who knows? Maybe Bellingham will even be spotted wearing one of 2023 England kit once it is released!