Romero: I won everything with Argentina

Tottenham Hotspur defender Cristian Romero, currently preparing with the Argentine national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, recently sat down for an interview with the media outlet TyC. The interview covered a range of topics, including his feelings about joining the Argentine team and his thoughts on the upcoming qualifiers.

When asked about the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, Romero stressed the importance of staying calm and maintaining a positive mindset. He explained that games are played one at a time, and that’s the way it is. He added that the qualifiers will be very tough, but the team knows what to expect and the more points they can rack up now, the better off they will be later in the competition.

Romero also commented on Messi’s form, saying that they have the best player in the world and he always performs well. He added that Messi has been outstanding since joining the team yesterday and that he is training normally, looking good and happy. With Messi’s positivity and leadership, Romero is certain that he will play against Paraguay in the upcoming match.

Speaking about his own experience joining the Argentine national team, Romero said that he had achieved everything in this team. He attributed his success to joining the team in his prime and expressed gratitude for the opportunity. However, he emphasized that no matter what, the team always strives to lead the side to the best level and continue to perform as they should.

Finally, Romero described how it felt after winning the World Cup. He explained that becoming world champions represents an advantage for all opponents because they want to beat the best team. However, he added that this support from fans is always exciting and he personally is very grateful for their support.

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